Bartok Inc. is a Texas based corporation founded in 1994 that focuses attention on applying risk reducing techniques to prospect appraisal and reservoir characterization and professional training.  The techniques apply a broad application of rock mechanics and rock physics elasticity parameters combined with a broad seismic and geologic expertise.   Our consulting services have been successfully applied to projects in the Tertiary and Mesozoic sections of the Gulf Coast and Mexico as well the Bakken-Three Forks section of the Williston-South Alberta.


   Bartok Inc. has worked on traditional exploration throughout Latin America including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina.  Previous clients included Shell, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, PDVSA, PEMEX, World Bank, Techpetrol, Repsol, SKH Management, and Pennzoil.  We can assist your company in prospect screening and evaluating oil and gas fields considered for acquisition.   Peter Bartok is an exploration geologist/geophysicist with over 40 years of domestic and international experience.  He holds a Master’s degree in Geology and has received extensive training while employed at Texaco, Shell and BP.  His on the job training included all aspects of exploration geology and geophysics and he currently and Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston where he has taught graduate courses on petroleum geology.  


  • Exploration and Development of Unconventional Resources
  • Structural Styles
  • Basic Seismic Interpretation
  • Development Geology